Valt Enterprise


VALT Enterprise is a complete web-based Document Management System that redefines how documents are stored and shared. Its unique design allows for rapid deployment with enterprise scalability all with the ease of point and click. VALT Enterprise uses patent pending technology to help streamline all your business needs. VALT allows you to achieve your Green Initiatives, i.e. paperless goals by providing an on-line, secure storage solution that is accessible 24/7 from any location. VALT Enterprise was developed so that its efficiencies can be integrated with any industry. This universal attribute allows any business to experience the efficiencies resulting in you saving time, effort and money. Manage your documents, HR department, accounting department, sales department anywhere in the world.

VALT Enterprise

E-mail and folder invites

E-mail as attachments, zipped embedded HTML, or hyperlinks

Send folder invites on selected or public documents

Set expiration dates and credential requirements of invites

Extract specific pages for email

Customizable e-mail and folder invites

Track external access to documents and folders

Regenerate prior e-mails or folder invites

Marketing and co-branding on all email and folder templates

VALT Enterprise

Document organization and features

Document categories and types (Color coding based on types)

Document sorting and filtering

Document previewing

Document versioning and retention

Extract specific pages for to create new documents

Virtual documents - single document appears in multiple folders

Detailed transaction history

VALT Enterprise

Organize folder structures

Create folders, subfolders, and virtual folders

Choose from multiple folder views

Drag and drop documents into folders

Open multiple folders in a tabular view

VALT Enterprise

Customizable templates

Create HTML based e-mail templates

Customize look and feel of e-mails

Create HTML based folder invite templates

Redirect your clients back to a customized webpage