About Us

InWare, LLC develops software applications based on creating your day to day life routines just that much easier. If you work for a small company, you know the challenges that make it difficult to compete with the larger businesses in the marketplace. It can be hard to get your hands on the technology and efficiencies that give larger companies the upper hand.


At InWare we are working to level the playing field. We create products that take time-consuming business tasks and streamline them. We turn complicated processes into simple tasks - helping you eliminate unnecessary steps, reduce waste, and lower the overall cost of doing business. InWare gives you the competitive advantage.


Our solutions come to you fully-developed and can be easily integrated into your existing environment. They can help you improve the way you do business immediately. You simply implement our technology and get back to doing business.


InWare was founded in 2004 with a premise to utilize the most innovative technology business solutions available and integrate them with scalable, best practices business solutions in the real estate industry. InWare's knowledge of business solutions coupled with Mr. McDermott’s significant IT background has allowed InWare to become an industry leader in that real estate market while expanding and applying its principles to other industries as well. Today, InWare is committed to implementing its revolutionary principles through its technology products to all its customers.


Since 2004 the company has seen some of the models change based off the primary real estate market. With the collapse of the real estate market in 2008, InWare went back to the drawing board, redeveloping its software to work in other industry verticals and business models. In 2010 we launched our enterprise software solution into multiple verticals. 2012 saw the release of VALT! The VALT product is taking InWare into the future by creating a user friendly world for technology.